The Reliquarium

Blessed Ivan Merz Reliquarium Roman Catholic Chapel – Home of the Sacred Relics is a private chapel of The Cause for Canonization of Blessed Ivan Merz, Inc. It is the first chapel or place of worship outside Croatia dedicated to Blessed Ivan Merz.

It is built to house the first image of Blessed Ivan Merz in the Philippines and his sacred relics, and more than 1,000 sacred relics belonging to Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, and other saints and blessed. A first of its kind in Metro Manila and Luzon.

The original structure was blessed by Most Rev. Francisco M. De Leon, DD, Bishop of Antipolo on March 3, 2018. After the renovation efforts which started in 2019, the new structure along with the new sanctuary was blessed on November 1, 2020, by Most Rev. Nolly C. Buco, DD, JCD, JSD, who also enthroned the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel’s Tabernacle.

The purpose of this chapel is to welcome the pilgrims and faithful who wish to worship God through the veneration of his servant, Blessed Ivan Merz, and the sacred relics enshrined in the chapel.

It serves as a spiritual oasis to the members of the spiritual family and devotees of Blessed Ivan Merz where they celebrate the Holy Mass every Sunday, and other solemnities and feasts significant to the Blessed Ivan Merz Family.

It is a chapel of reparation for the sacrileges toward the sacred relics and a chapel of reconciliation for those who wish to return to the Lord by bequeathing the relics that were found to be desecrated.were found to be desecrated. 

This is where the Blessed Ivan Merz Family offers prayers and Holy Masses for the intentions offered by the faithful who seek the intercession of Blessed Ivan Merz, the saints and blessed whose relics are enshrined in the chapel.

The chapel’s principal patron is Blessed Ivan Merz. The secondary patroness is Our Lady of Lourdes, the title of the Blessed Virgin Mary dear to our patron. The chapel also honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the titular of the Basilica in Zagreb where Blessed Ivan goes to Mass every day and where his remains lie in peace.

The chapel will house the first official replica, outside Croatia, of the Mother of God “Marija Bistrica,” the Queen of Croatia.