The Reliquarium and Relics

On March 3, 2018, His Excellency Most Rev. Francisco Mendoza De Leon, D.D., bishop of the Diocese of Antipolo and local Ordinary of the Blessed Ivan Merz Center and Reliquarium, formally opened and blessed the Blessed Ivan Merz Reliquarium.

The Blessed Ivan Merz Reliquarium (Home of the Sacred Relics) was established to house the sacred relics of Blessed Ivan Merz and of other sacred relics belonging to Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, and beatified and canonized Servants of God. It serves as spiritual oasis for pilgrims, devotees and disciples in faith of the Apostle of the Youth.

We pray that those who will visit Blessed Ivan Merz Reliquarium will experience the Lord’s kind assistance.

May those who venerate the remains of the Saints, especially of Blessed Ivan Merz, with their prayers and merits, obtain pardon for sin and protection from every adversity. (cf. Prayer of Blessing)


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