The Merz Institute of Lay Empowerment and Spirituality (MILES) is an education and formation mission of the Cause for Canonization of Blessed Ivan Merz that will offer quality, affordable, and authentic programs that will help equip the laity, religious, and clergy, especially the youth, through an Outcome Based Education (OBE) forming them to be as effective collaborators towards the building of the Kingdom of God and salvation of more souls.

Vision: With joyful hope, we look forward to educating and forming more people, especially the youth, that will be qualified and credible to help our pastors in caring for the people of God and collaborate to work for the salvation of more souls.  

Mission: The Merz Institute of Lay Empowerment and Spirituality (MILES) commits to continue the education and formation mission of Blessed Ivan Merz by leading and educating people, especially the youth, to the Truth, Jesus Christ. We dedicate this institute to offering quality, affordable, and authentic Catholic education and formation to everyone, especially the youth, in the spirit of our patron.


For Learners: That they will be committed to learning the Truth of our Faith, Morals, and Worship so that they will be effective collaborators of our pastors in building the Kingdom of God and saving more souls.

For Faculty Members: That they will be dedicated to continuous learning and creative teaching so that the Truth may be bequeathed to the learners and the next generation so that more people will be sanctified in the Truth.

For MILES: That it will be an effective mission of the Blessed Ivan Merz Family that will serve as a supplementary institute of education and formation for the laity, religious, and clergy.

Core Values:

Meek and humble like Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and, and Blessed Ivan

Enthusiastic in learning, living, and sharing the Truth to others, especially the youth

Responsible for the mission given by God and the Church

Zeal to save more souls through education and formation