The Cause for Canonization of Blessed Ivan Merz, Inc. lives through the generosity of people who believe in the mission of the spiritual family in leading and educating people to Jesus in the spirit of Blessed Ivan Merz.

This spiritual family and its apostolates continue to serve the Church for free through the generous support of friends like you. All gifts in any amount are receive with gratitude and the members remember daily the donors, sponsors and benefactors in the prayers and Holy Mass offered in the Reliquarium, at the tomb of Blessed Ivan Merz and other monasteries, churches and shrines connected with the spiritual family.


You may come and visit the Blessed Ivan Merz Center and Reliquarium to share your blessings or call the office at 621-2230 or 0956-1253804 to schedule a home visit of a lay brother or administrator of the spiritual family to explain to you the proceeds, details and benefits.


Where your donations go:

  • Electricity and Water of the Blessed Ivan Merz Center and Reliquarium.
    • The monthly bills of the Center and Reliquarium ranges from Php7,000 to Php10,000.
  • Allowance of two full time workers.
    • Each receives a stipend of Php10,000 per month.
  • Monthly insurance and security of the Center and Reliquarium.
    • Every month we pay Php10,000 to make sure that the Center and Reliquarium are secured and in good condition. From this fund we buy the things we need for the Mass and shipment from other countries of relics and materials for the Reliquarium.
  • Publications of stampitas, prayer cards and novenas, and other promotional materials of Blessed Ivan Merz.
  • Reproduction of Blessed Ivan’s images for Churches and Chapels that are given for free.
  • Support for the Feeding Program of Street People every 10th of the Month.
  • Support for the Blessed Ivan Merz Scholarship Program.
  • Support for the apostolates, especially for the Tour of Sacred Relics and PathFire Philippines. These two missionary apostolates are offered for free in the service of God and the Church in the Philippines.

Please be informed that the Cause for Canonization of Blessed Ivan Merz, Inc., is a non-stock religious organization. All donations are tax exempted. Please make sure that you received an official receipt from our office. We could prepare the form and certificate of donation for tax exemption that you need to attach when submitting your annual tax income report.



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